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Screened Topsoil (1/2" Screen) - $29/yrd Picked Up
Screened Fill (1/2" Screen) - $19/yrd Picked Up
Color Enhanced Mulch (Black & Brown) - $37/yrd Picked Up
Enhanced Mulch (Red Pine Chip) - $40/yrd Picked Up
Playground Mulch (100% Natural and Playground Certified) - $40/yrd Picked Up

Pine - $42/yrd Picked Up
100% Hemlock - $48/yrd Picked Up
Forest Blend - $34/yrd Picked Up
Fer-Till Mulch (100% Composted Leaves, Grass, & Farm Manure) - $50/yrd Picked UP
3/4” & 1/2” Gravel - $40/yrd Picked Up
Stone Dust - $40/yrd Picked Up
Mason Sand - $42/yrd Picked Up
Winter materials – Sand & Salt Mix, Salt, Ice-B-Gone, and Firewood
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Mulch Spreading & Topsoil Products Milford, CT & Monroe, CT
Brand New! Decorative Gravel
Decorative gravel is permanent; it doesn't fade, rot, or blow away! And gravel continues to look as good as the day it did when it was installed, unlike wood or bark mulch! This gravel is functional as well as good-looking. It keeps weeds down, maintains moisture in the soil, and reduces or eliminates water and wind erosion. Our decorative gravel is available in a myriad of colors, textures, and sizes to help create effortless effects and looks!

Economical to use, decorative landscape gravel has a rather inexpensive cost per square foot for the initial investment, and continuously returns your savings through minimizing maintenance costs by requiring no annual re-mulching.
Clean Stone Gravel Monroe, CT
Clean Stone
Grey crushed stone.
Sizes: 3/4", 1/2"
Barn Red Gravel Monroe, CT
Barn Red
A dark red argillite. Ideal for walkways and general landscape applications. 
Sizes: 3/4"
Ocean Pebbles Gravel Monroe, CT
Ocean Pebbles
Naturally rounded yellow to buff-colored quartzite. Ideal for walkways and general landscape applications.
Sizes: 3/8", 3/4"
Upper Delaware Rounds Gravel Monroe, CT
Upper Delaware Rounds
Naturally rounded granite that comes in variations of gray, red and tan. Ideal in general landscape applications.
Sizes: 3/8"
Concrete Sand Monroe, CT
Concrete Sand
Brownish tan color
Mason Sand Monroe, CT
Mason Sand
Brownish tan color
Stone Dust Sand Monroe, CT
Stone Dust
Dark Gray in color
Prices as of 6/6/2017. Prices subject to change.
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