Oil Tank Removal



The average life expectancy of an underground oil tank is only 15-20 years! Underground oil tanks that have been in the ground for more than twenty years have a higher likelihood of leaking oil and contaminating soil, and possibly groundwater, due to tank corrosion and degradation. This can also make it harder to sell your home. Don’t let an older tank turn into a potentially hazardous and costly repair that may jeopardize your home sale!

Benefits of Oil Tank Removal:

  • Reduces the risk of oil contamination in the soil: Oil contamination is a major factor in soil contamination due to a leaking oil tank. Having it removed will eliminate this risk.
  • Reduces the risk of oil leaking, tank rusting and other potential damage the tank could cause: Removal of the tank will keep the integrity of the soil around that area.
  • Can make it harder to sell your home: Selling homes with an underground oil storage tank can be difficult and almost every sales transaction now includes the demand for removal. Mortgage companies refrain from buying properties that may have a potentially leaking underground oil tank.
Oil Tank Removal Services Shelton, CT
Why Choose D.R. Charles for your Oil Tank Removal?
D.R. Charles Environmental Construction is fully licensed and insured to remove underground oil storage tanks and install new aboveground oil storage tanks. D.R. Charles takes care of all necessary permits, performs ‘Call Before You Dig’ tickets, obtains a soil sample from the tank grave once the tank has been removed, provides Extractable Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (ETPH) test results by a state certified laboratory, and supplies the property owner with a certified letter documenting the tank removal. D.R. Charles does not subcontract any of its work and completes all jobs in a timely and professional manner.
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